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5 Things Healthcare Organizations Can Learn From Disney

Disney and healthcare are worlds apart in what they do. While healthcare is largely a utilitarian service offering (i.e., patients need a problem to be resolved), guests visit Disney parks seeking an exciting, carefree experience. Despite the obvious differences, success can be measured similarly; what kind of experience did the guest have?

Focusing on financial metrics can cause an organization to lose sight of its purpose – to provide the best customer (patient) experience possible.

Healthcare organizations need to focus more than ever on patient-centered care. Patient satisfaction metrics will impact reimbursements in bigger ways as healthcare reform progresses. Healthcare organizations can improve the patient experience using data and taking a few lessons from Disney.


Learning a patient centered approach from Disney

Disney’s central focus is the guest experience. All other metrics are manifestations of how well Disney is meeting guests’ expectations. This guest centricity pervades all levels of the Disney Company, from the front-line cast members (Disney employees) to the senior leaders, including the CEO.

Compare the data-driven Disney approach with the average healthcare organization, and you will see how the power of data is key to sustaining long term change …

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