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Hafners CX podcast
Podcast episode on CX Management@Pharma

For the German-speakers, I had the pleasure discussing advancements and challenges of CX Management …

Chrisian Velten @Reuters Pharma 2023 in Barcelona
Speaking about VoC@Pharma @Reuters Pharma 2023

Can you be customer-centric without knowing your customers’ opinion? Voice-of-the customer (Vo…

Elevate Spotify podcast by MAPS
What Pharma Medical Affairs can learn from Amazon about insights mining (podcast episode)

Inspiring episode of the 'Elevate Medical Affairs Podcast Channel' @Spotify. MAPS speaks with Mark M…

About the author

My name is Christian Velten, and I am a senior CX leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

On my personal CX journey, I frequently stumble upon inspirational real life examples, concepts and quotes, often shared by colleagues from other industries. With this blog, I would like to give at least some of the positive collegiality that I experience back to the CX community.

Due to my background, you might find some bias towards pharma CX implementation.

Last not least, you will always find me strongly advocating for seeing patients as a growing customer segment of pharma, if not being the real, key customer.

Disclaimer: Any opinions shared in this blog are my own (or of another author in case indicated)
and do not necessarily represent my employer’s opinion.

Dr. Christian Velten

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