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Innovations in Patient CX

In April, Digital Health Coalition (DHC) together with partners released their industry research report on “Innovations in Patient CX”. You can easily download a copy from their website.

Patients typically have a huge desire better understanding their disease and conditions. So, the are actively seeking health content from many sources. The ease of access and use of content is a key consideration as they decide what resources they will embrace.

In this report, innovations in the diagnostic testing space were also examined looking at recently introduced direct-to-consumer models enabling robust and certified testing within the home setting – with integration back to primary care physicians and providers.

Building on the insights related to the experience of diagnostics, the analysis continues with a review of research conducted with pharmaceutical executives about their experience with CX programs and how they judge success. Where a key insight has been that CX programs must address or satisfy revenue and growth hurdles in addition to boosting or optimizing experience-related ratings.

Finally, the review of patient CX innovation closes with insights on how to link and optimize diagnosis and CX programs through connected care achieved through a review of a program to help diagnose and motivate treatment for patients with Lyme Disease.


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