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Free “CX Leader’s manual” eBook by Steven Van Belleghem

Looking for an inspiring CX read for the upcoming break?

Steven Van Belleghem has recently published an amazing eBook titled “The CX leader’s manual to customer excellence“, available for free on his website. Content includes …

  • Steven’s 13 ‘golden guidelines’
  • the 7 habits of highly effective CX leaders
  • the biggest myths about customer centricity
  • the top 10 most frequently asked questions about CX
  • and lessons from 10 top CX leaders, ranging from Disney to

Perhaps I let Steven speak for himself …

Writing and recording all this content made me realize the power of what is essential. That is why I wanted to create this book: a compilation of my favourite basic pieces from these past few months with some brand-new unpublished ones. I wanted to share what I see as the foundation of CX and how top CX leaders envision this in order to inspire you at the level where everything is yet to take off.

Steven Van Belleghem,

BTW, Steven’s blog is a truly rich source of CX inspirations, with even more exciting reads for the season break. Just avoid accidentally giving your partner and family the impression that you would be more passionate about CX than about them. 😉

Also feel free to download the full eBook directly from Steven’s site …


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