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Roche internal patient community won Reuters Pharma Award Europe 2020

I am proudly sharing that CareRing“, the Roche internal community for employees who are patients or caregivers, has won the 2020 Reuters Pharma Awards Europe in the category ‘Most promising MVP/pilot’.

CareRing wins 2020 Reuters Pharma Award
Source: Reuters Events Pharma @LinkedIn

The CareRing platform is homed in the Medical Customer Experience department I am heading. But I cannot claim too much contribution myself. My sincere congratulations are going to a truly cross-enterprise team of enthusiasts and passionate individuals who are jointly leading and driving and who were doing a lot of things very right.

The ‘Most promising MVP/pilot’ is <sic!>”[…] for an experimental initiative which has the potential to disrupt the status quo. We are particularly keen to reward initiatives which have shown agility through the rapid creation of a product or service, bringing it into contact with real customers before being refined, and through smart measurement are able to preserve or pivot towards a finished project.”

CareRing, as an enterprise-internal community, provides a framework for Roche employees to share experiences, support each other, and reassure other colleagues fighting a disease that they are not alone. CareRing is also an effective way to support the Roche commitment to putting the patient at the center of what we do.

Beyond providing a save space for meeting people sharing similar life challenges, the managed community also allows us to learn first-hand in a kind of controlled environment how online patient & caregiver communities basically work and to understand the dynamics involved.

Last not least, CareRing offers business an opportunity to participate in day-to-day real-life experiences if patients’ and caregivers’. A plugged-in business process allows disease teams to drop their questions and get some first and quick insights. And for the community members, it is an added opportunity to add value by helping to make our initiatives and campaigns closer to patients’ and caregivers’ needs.

So, altogether, a 3x win for our people and for our business.

I am looking forward to watch CareRing growing beyond the pilot status, e.g. by an upscaling to additional countries and languages. In my opinion, we have just started an exciting journey.

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