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Joining a cross-industries CX council

I am really happy about the opportunity for professional exchange on real-life CX within a cross-industries “Customer Experience Council” that I just had the pleasure to join.

I am particularly looking forward to listening to CX best-practices (and certainly also failures) by others. Even provided, not everything will be able to be copy&paste’d to my industry, pharma. But I am curious to learn how CX colleagues approach some – likely industry-independent – challenges.

I am also looking forward to share what we do in our context, and I hope to get external and unbiased feedback. The Customer Excperience Council is set-up in a way that there is just one representative per industry with agreed confidentiality across (“Chatham House rule“), thereby providing a safe space to openly discuss.

More on the European chapter of the Customer Experience Council by The Conference Board on their website.


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