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Reuters seminar on “Becoming a CX Visionary” featuring CVS Health & Bloomfire

Recently, CX seems to have a run. Another free webinar crossed the way, this time by Reuters. It has been labeled “Becoming a CX Visionary: How Leaders Build a Customer-Centric Culture featuring CVS Health & Bloomfire“, and is announced for Nov 4th 2021, at 20:00h CET.

OK, not the ideal slot for European attendees. But you might want to acknowledge the ambition to bridge multiple time zones. And it might be an opportunity to listening to real life experiences about how organizations can transform CX strategy and engage employees to deliver on shared goals like …

  • clear ownership and governance of CX,
  • cross-functional collaboration to holistically serve the customer,
  • and making customer insights and knowledge accessible in the flow of work.

Speakers include Mr Srikant Narasimhan, VP Enterprise Customer Experience, at CVS Health, Mr
Mark Hammer, CEO of Bloomfire, and Mr Nicholas Zeisler, Principle & CX Strategist with Zeisler Consulting.

You can register here in case of interest … (not available anymore)

Declaration of interests:
The author and the site declare the absence of any financial or non-financial interests respectively any business relation with any of the companies mentioned at time of publication. The business case is exclusively shared based on meeting the editorial criteria of ‘CX Inspiration Hub’.

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