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“How to Build an Omnichannel Customer Experience”

Just a quick update, that I will be at the CX 3.0 Conference, held virtually next week Thursday, September 8th, at 9 a.m. CET.

Find me representing Roche and speaking about “How to Build an Omnichannel Customer Experience”, where we have agreed on an interview-style presentation (so, no boring slides but true facts 😉 ).

Just realized that my highly appreciated colleague Krishna Ranchhoddas, Head of Customer Experience & Continuous Improvement Leader at Tecan, will also speak the day after (September 9th) about “How can the Voice of Customer drive the organization’s strategy forward”.

So, actually two good reasons to being there.

In case you will join, feel free to drop me your thoughts afterwards, either here on the CX Inspiration Hub or by personal message, please. Would be very happy to pick up your feedback.

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