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Pharma: “The Customer Experience Landscape in 2021”

DHC, The Digital Health Coalition, has released a public webinar recording about “The Customer Experience Landscape in 2021”. Due to the nature of the organization with a clear scope on healthcare and pharma business.

You will listen to an excellent and inspiring discussion about the status, positioning and prospects of CX in pharma. Rich Schwartz of Medallia and Mark Bard of the DHC Group share research findings from both HCPs* and marketers taking a look at the current role of CX in life sciences.

Rich and Mark are joined by two industry experts contributing the inside reality view. My truly appreciated colleague Laurie Meyers, Sr. Director Experience and Engagement Design at Genentech (where they actually do some really amazing things in the CX and PX spaces) as well as Jessica Saperstein, Head of Customer Experience and Consumer Marketing at Novartis.

The panel discusses how to apply the insights provided by Rich and Mark to the future of CX on our industry. I have to say that – when watching it myself – I very much enjoyed the joint ambition for driving reality beyond the buzzwords and making change actually happen instead of just talking about.

Not sure how long it will be available, but at point in time you can watch the recording at the DHC website …

* HCP = health care provider or health care professional in pharma language, so e.g. physicians, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists

For those of you who are not familiar with DHC, it is a nonprofit organization serving as the collective public voice and national public forum for the discussion of the current and future issues relevant to digital and electronic marketing of healthcare products and services. Read more on their website.

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