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Zappos True Customer Story (video)

In this advertising video, Zappos (an online retailer for clothes) shares their anticipation on customer experience in a funny and inspirational way. You might say ‘OK, but it is an add … but how does reality look like?’

If you look at the Zappos culture and actual expectations on their people, I dare to say that the aspiration might match closer to reality than you think. Their corporate slogan is “powered by service”. And there is an understanding of very individual being in charge of the customers and their needs beyond the core product. Something we today seriously start to consider and explore in the pharmaceutical industry, too.

I once had the opportunity of listening to Alex Genov, Head of Customer Experience Research at Zappos. And I still remember him saying, “Forget the customer. See the person”. It is the ambition of serving the person – the human – that counts, and that this ambition is shared by every single employee in the company. Is this easier to achieve in a dynamic start-up with leaders that live the expectation themselves? Yes, perhaps. But nothing stops us also being ambitious in larger enterprises.

This video was kindly shared by Mark Harrision from TribeCX during an amazing ‘CX Execution Coaching’ Mark and colleagues are currently providing to people in our company.

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