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6 differences between VoC and Market Research

Voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and other data-driven Market Research activities together contribute to a more complete understanding of your customer. But they are not the same thing.

And from time to time I stumble upon people accidental mixing-up VoC and Market Research (or today’s more common label “insights”) which can result in confusion and misunderstandings. Especially in my industry, pharma, where the concept of VoC is still quite new.

I hope you find this little table helpful and adding a bit more clarity to the discussion, showing the …

6 key differences between Market Research and VoC

VoC vs Market Research
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A few more details …

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Again, this is not about one being “better” than the other.

Both perspectives, VoC as well as market research, together contribute to a full and mature understanding of the customer. But it is also key to understand the differences, enabling you to play each of both effectively and with maximum outcome and impact.

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