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CXN free online event on the Future of CX (Dec 5-6)

On December 5-6, “All Access: Future of CX – Unlocking Best In Class CX Through Personalization, Omnichannel & Intelligent Automation” takes place virtually.

The importance of customer experience cannot be overstated in today’s marketplace. Evidenced by the fact that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a superior CX, making it a crucial driver of business success. 

However, delivering exceptional CX has become increasingly challenging as reliance on eCommerce and online channels grows and generational expectations evolve. To remain ahead of the competition, embracing innovation is now more critical than ever.

To this end, “All Access: Future of CX” is set to wrap up an exciting year by exploring the key trends and technologies that will shape CX in 2024. Join us to hear from industry leaders who will discuss various aspects of CX, including:

  • Personalization: Discover how to deliver tailored experiences that meet the unique needs of your customers, while maintaining operational efficiency. 
  • AI and automation: As technology continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to leverage digital tools to improve the customer experience. 
  • Closing the feedback loop: Discover best practices for gathering and acting on customer feedback to continually improve your organization’s CX. 
  • The human touch: Explore how to balance technology with the human touch, ensuring that your customers feel valued and cared for. 
  • Metaverse: Create immersive experiences that allow customers to engage with brands in new and exciting ways in the metaverse. 
  • Omnichannel: Discover how channel mixes are changing as organizations craft new, seamless experiences that resonate with customers

For an overview of all upcoming CXN events, consult the CXN website, please.

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