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The AI mantra for customer services @CX Network

I had an inspiring fireside chat together with Alan Gibson from Sprinkl and Joseph Vassie from ASOS about myths and reality of AI in customer services, and where it migth be in 1-2 years.

Companies need a shift in mindset from treating customer service as just a problem-solving function and cost centre, to viewing customer service as a shared value creation function. Engaging customers at every step of their journey – from learning and purchase to usage and repurchase – is a top priority and the service suite plays a key role. Alan, Joseph and myself discussed why this is demanding a pro-active vs reactive approach to customer experience and how AI could help us to achieving the same.

This webinar has been part of a series of provided by CX Network on AI in CX.

Watch the recording at CX Network …

The AI mantra for customer services, CX Network webinar November 2023


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