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Mastering CX in Pharma: Applying Universal Methodologies for Success @2023 World Class Digital CX conference

Looking forward to the 7th World Class Digital Customer Experience conference, November 28/29th in Frankfurt, Germany.

I will speak about mastering CX in pharma by applying universal methodologies driving success.

I am going to challenge the typical “We are special!” myth and excuse. You might hear this yourself, “our [industry/company/business model/country/market/disease area/product/customers/…] are so special, this will never work for us.”

Yes, it does work! And our industry, etc. might actually be much less ‘special’ than we often spontaneously assume. In my presentation, I am going to show you how standard methodologies for digital CX have factually been mapped and applied for a pharmaceutical company already. And I am going to share key learning from this journey. Because …

CX does not happen talking … but by walking.

7th World Class Digital Customer Experience Conference


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