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Get beyond sociodemographic twins … to shared experiences of life

I recently stumbled upon this meme about Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne

The Charles-Ozzy persona
Source: Twitter

Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne are sociodemographic twins, and would – based on traditional customer segmentation models – end up in the same focus group. But factually, they live totally different lives. I even dare to say that they might live in totally different realities. 😉

I see this as an excellent example of traditional customer segmentation by sociodemographic features currently changing to a more “life-experience” based (shared life challenges, lifestyle, quality-of-life).

This is especially relevant to CX as ‘life-experience personas‘ allow a customer understanding which is much closer to day-after-day reality and providing much more robust and significant insights. They simply reflect the complexity of today’s markets and societies much better. And they provide a much more lifelike and deeper understanding of customer expectations and behaviors … as well as underlying motivations, needs and drivers behind.

Thereby, subsequently enabling truly impactful actions.


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