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Do you need a dedicated corporate CX strategy?

The answer by my CX executive peers had been very clear, “Just ask: ‘What is our CX strategy?!”. My question was, “How can I raise awareness that CX is an integrated corporate approach and much more than just a byproduct of improved digital engagement?”

Actually, asking “What is our CX strategy?” in internal discussions can be quite eye-opening. And quickly reveals a major gap many companies have. They want to provide an outstanding customer experience … without really having a plan.

My personal learning during the discussion I had with my cross-industries peers was that a CX strategy makes the difference between playing around with CX or running a truly CX-driven business.

Having a CX strategy makes the difference between playing football on a sandlot or in champions league

Don’t get it wrong. Playing football on a sandlot with friends can be a lot of fun and give you a great Sunday afternoon. Better than sitting on the sofa at home alone.

Soccer on the sandlot
©Cottonbro / Pexels

But I hope you agree that winning the Champions League with your professional team is what we are aiming at, right? … and actually can also be quite some fun.

Women’s Champions League Final 2017
©Steffen Prößdorf / Wikipedia Commons

At the end, you need to decide what your ambition is. Shoveling a ball which frequently decides itself where it goes… or playing professionally based on a clear plan towards a shared goal.

But do we really need a dedicated CX strategy?

Naturally, any CX strategy should not be standalone but integrated into the broader corporate strategy. So, it might be wonkery to discuss if it should be “a corporate CX strategy” or “a CX element of the corporate strategy” … or whatever.

Let’s agree that there should be an integrated corporate understanding and plan for CX, which …

  1. covers the whole enterprise
  2. has commitment by and is clearly prioritized by all management layers, starting with the very top
  3. and provides guidance and guardrails on shared priorities and outcomes to every single individual in the company

A CX strategy makes the difference between improved customer experience as a byproduct of digital transformation … or being a truly and holistic customer centric business.

Closing the loop, you will remember the clear and frank feedback by peers which I had mentioned at the beginning of this article. I would like to add that this kind of inspiration – it can be reassurance or a thought-provoking impulse – is one of the key benefits joining a (cross-)industry CX experts network, like – in my case – the cross-industries CX Council I am happily member of. And credits go to those people for their continues openness, pragmatism and willingness to share. Thank you, guys!

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