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Sketch of a design funnel … for pharma people

The sequence of design thinking processes is not always as apparent and logic to people contributing than to the agencies facilitating (and who might be simply more used to it).

But actually the typical “funnel”-like progression of sprints & stages is quite smart and efficient.

To make it easier to understand and follow, I once created a full picture view of the whole process for colleagues who were no design thinking experts but were expected to contribute and adopt.

And as – in my case – we are talking about people working in the pharmaceutical industry, I additionally mapped the design thinking funnel stages to the typical phases in the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product (kindly inspired by PH Belin). To make it even easier for them to understand the course of action based on a logic they should know very well.

Interestingly, by doing that I realized how close both processes actually are, and that the innovation phases in clinical development naturally followed design thinking principles already … perhaps even before “design thinking” was formally created.

design funnel mapped to clinical development phases.
©2019 Christian Velten

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