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PillPack (by Amazon) is NPS-outperfoming pharmacy market

Amazon’s online pharmacy PillPack is dramatically outperforming competition in NPS score. With PillPack reaching an NPS of 80 (where scores above 70 are considered “world class”) … compared to a pharmacy market average of 26.

But how did PillPack achieve this amazing customer loyalty score?

Well, in a nutshell, they made organizational adoption real, the perhaps most critical CX competency …

  1. co-design CX with the customer – they co-created solutions and services with customers to engage them directly (“co-ownership”) and ensure that solutions and services meet real customer needs and expectations
  2. technology follows CX – they designed a logical technology infrastructure which is supporting CX goals
  3. provide confidence and trust – they hired specialized professionals, e.g. real pharmacists in call centers, to increase credibility which is supporting corporate reputation
  4. educate a focus on customer empathy – they have mandatory ’empathy trainings’ for all new hires

PillPack applied 4 simple principles

  • it is simple to get your medication … thereby getting rid of worthless (like standing in a waiting queue) or even potentially fault-prone steps for the patient in the buying process
  • it is seamless for all parties … e.g. prescriptions/treatment plans and auto-refills send directly from physician to PillPack fulfillment
  • it is consistent for the patient … as all his health partners are included and 24/7 call centers with pharmacists are available to answer any question
  • it is meaningful in reality… as processes are aligned with patients’ real lives, e.g. with how they actually take their medication, thereby also potentially supporting treatment adherence

Or as TJ Parker, CEO of PillPack, once said …

PillPack makes it simple for any customer to take the right medication at the right time, and feel healthier”

TJ Parker

The result speaks for itself.

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