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Speaking about VoC@Pharma @Reuters Pharma 2023

Can you be customer-centric without knowing your customers’ opinion? Voice-of-the customer (VoC) is the methodology for knowing, actually a real-time process of getting to know our customers’ opinions and understand how we can give them a better experience … facilitating more and better business

And I am looking forward to speaking about real-life implementation of VoC in a pharmaceutical company at the Reuters Events 2023 Pharma conference, April 18-20 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.
A real-life story: How Roche uses Voice-of-the-customer (VoC) to learn from HCPs’ & patients’ opinions

Find me on the afternoon of day 1 (April 18th) in the “Deepen Medical Affairs Digital Transformation” session

For more information, see the event website, please. In case you might be there too, feel free to nudge me, please. Would be a pleasure.

Chrisian Velten @Reuters Pharma 2023 in Barcelona

Post-conference update

Those are my (unbranded) slides from this presentation, including our Top 10 early learnings from the VoC Program

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