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Give patients a voice by telling their stories

Storytelling can be a great way of landing a difficult message. Using authentic characters, talking with the insight that can only come from people who really understand what living with COPD is like, then add some gentle humor … and you get an emotional impact that makes people take notice, think, and then hopefully change their behavior.

This is what GSK and Aardman Animations are doing in order to tell patients stories. The intention is to capture people’s stories in their own voice and in the way, they want to tell them. With this, bot companies together have developed some short clips and animations that make it easier and entertaining to do storytelling and engage and support their patients.

The service offers patients the chance to rate and review not only the care they received from their clinicians, but for the first time, review their prescribed COPD maintenance inhalers. The ambition is to ensure that patients have a voice to inform their health system, in turn leading to greater patient participation in how their care is provided in Manchester.

Visit project page at Health Innovation Manchester.

Read the public news about the project.

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