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Using Metrics to Communicate Commercial Value of CX @2024 Annual CX Conference

From time to time I enjoy joining cross-industries events on Customer Epxerience (CX), to learn from others. This year I was invited to speak at the 9th Annual Customer Experience Conference in London, UK.

And I am looking forward to discuss how metrics & measurement tools can help to communicate the commercial value and strategic impact of CX. Something many colleagues struggle with. Something everybody is struggeling with who aims at convincing an organization to move on a different path.

It is hard to give proof of value created and impact made with business … but possible. Internal CX metrics mapped to business performance figures, 3rd part (industry) data, ROI and success stories are important tools to make a promise more real.

Post-conference update

Would I recommend visiting this particular one. Well, honestly spoken I am not so sure. Yes, there have been quite a few amazing CX colleagues on the spot. But on the other hand I felt a heavy overload of pitching agencies. It is OK if a few of them are around, I fully understand that those events needs to be properly funded. But this one felt not being properly in balance.

Anyhow, those are my (unbranded) slides from this presentation


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