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Watch this movie if you can

I wholeheartedly invite you considering to watch the movie “Oliver Sacks: his own life” if you may have the opportunity to.

London-born Oliver Sacks was a man of extremes. In his youth, he was a self-destructive, bodybuilding biker struggling with drug addiction and his own sexuality. In his maturity, he became a pioneering neurologist and the author of bestsellers such as ‘Awakenings’ and ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’.

Filmed with full access to the man himself, and those closest to him, “Oliver Sacks: his own life” both celebrates Sacks’ incredible life and reminds us of his most important teaching: that our ability to connect with others is what truly makes us human.

I promise you to find real world inspiration on how to better meet the needs of people with a disease (aka patients) and the life they might want to have.

Watch the trailer on Youtube …

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