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Are you paying for transformation to fail?, panel discussion @2023 Indegene Digital Summit

Just enjoyed a lively and rich discussion about “Are you paying for transformation to fail?” as a panel member at the 2023 Indegene Digital Summit “Future Ready Healthcare”.

We were discussing who to achieve organizational readiness to deliver a harmonized customer experience. And how creating alignment across business partners is actually essential to the delivery of exceptional CX. Not surprisingly, experiences with making things happen inside a pharma company have been quite similar and resulted in shared learnings.

My thanks go to Marc Schwartz (Sanofi, Global Head of Omnichannel Excellence), Matthias Witt (Bayer Pharmaceuticals, VP, Integrated Customer Experience), Tessa Baron (ON24, VP of Marketing) and Marie Knopp (DT Consulting). And a big thank you to Indegene for having us.

Christian Velten at 2023 Indegene Summit

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