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CXN free online event on Voice of the customer (Sep 19-20)

On September 19-20, “All Access: Voice of the Customer APAC” takes place virtually.

Voice of the Customer programs are framed around a brand’s desire for feedback, willingness to adapt, and the ability to go above and beyond to deliver excellent service.

However, many VoC strategies fail to create a two-way flow of communication with customers, have a lack of senior management engagement & only collects feedback from one or two sources.

With that in mind, All Access: Voice of the Customer APAC will be focused on maximizing the value of your VoC program by addressing:

  • Digital Tools: Enhance efficiency and ensure customer feedback is gathered and responded to through the adoption of digital tools. 
  • Actionable insights: Close the loop of customer communication by effectively linking insights generated to business outcomes. 
  • Change & Cultural Management: Avoid silos, gain senior management buy-in and develop VoC champions by demonstrating the power of feedback to inform initiatives. 
  • Feedback Integration: Integrating customer feedback across all channels, including voice, text, in person and social, to give you an accurate view of customer issues.

You can register here in case of interest …

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