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CXN Live: Customer journey management 2022 – free online event (Apr 13-15)

On April 13-15, “Customer journey management 2022 – Enhancing Customer Experience through Improved Journey Mapping, Design and Optimization” takes place virtually.

Businesses that adopt Customer Journey Management significantly outperform those that don’t, with 10 – 20% more revenue and cost reductions of 15 – 25%. The importance of customer journey management is only set to increase given the speed at which customer buying behaviors continue to evolve.

However, for the majority of businesses, there is no clear view of the customer journey across multiple channels, customer data is still fragmented across different departments and CX teams lack stakeholder engagement for addressing the entire end to end customer journey.

With that in mind, CXN Live: Customer Journey Management 2022 will be focused on:
– Journey mapping: effectively visualizing existing and future state customer journeys to identify key touch points and causes of friction
– Journey analytics: measuring and monitoring the mid journey touch points that predict journey success
– Journey investment – prioritizing underperforming journeys for additional focus and investment
– Journey orchestration: leveraging journey analytics to design personalized journeys that enhance emotion
– Journey optimization: leveraging AI and automation to optimize journeys in real time
– CX ROI – linking customer journey management to the bottom line

You can register here in case of interest … (registration closed)

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