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CXN Live: Customer self-service 2022 – free online event (Mar 29-30)

On March 29-30, “Customer self-service 2022 – Leveraging self-service to increase customer experience, reduce contact volumes and improve efficiency” takes place virtually.

Today, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.

This percentage is set to increase over the coming years given the clear preference for digital channels in younger generations and the improvement in the capability of AI powered chatbots. However, for the majority of businesses voice remains the primary channel for resolving customer queries and the digital channels that are being utilized are often lacking integration. This in turn leads to fragmented customer journeys, higher service cost and increased customer churn.

With that in mind, CXN Live: Customer Self Service 2022 will focus on:

– Omni channel integration: ensuring your channel mix matches the channel preferences of our customers, and that they are integrated and have the same tone
– Chatbots: utilizing artificial intelligence to answer customer queries and transition them to the appropriate channels
– Automation: leveraging automation to reduce the administrative burden for customers and employees
– Apps and customer portals: giving customers the ability to access and manage their data in real time
– Service Design: ensuring that your digital services are simple to use and navigate
– FAQs and customer message boards: enabling your customers to access the most frequently requested information quickly and easily

You can register here in case of interest … (registration closed)

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