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CXN Live: Voice of the customer 2022 – free online event (Feb 15-17)

On February 15-17, “Voice of the customer 2022 – Utilizing customer feedback to enhance customer understanding, optimize key touchpoints, identify friction points and drive culture change” takes place virtually.

Effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are a key differentiator between successful businesses and those that aren’t. VoC data exposes the driving reasons influencing your high level metrics like customer acquisition, churn and NPS to better understand why your customers are making the choices they are.

However, not all voice of the customer programs are created equal. Accurately leveraging the value of VoC insights to transform your business involves asking the right questions, using the correct channels to get the information required, and ensuring your learnings are fully integrated into organizational decision-making. With that in mind, CXN Live: Voice of the Customer 2022 will be focused on enabling you to:
– Effectively identify and improve all stages of the customer journey
– Tools and techniques for collecting customer feedback and insights – Customer interviews, surveys, social media, website usage, online customer reviews, live chat and focus groups
– Analyzing the data generated to derive actionable insights and drive enhanced customer experience

You can register here in case of interest … (registration closed)

For an overview of all upcoming CXN events, consult their website, please.

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