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How Toyota GB uses VoC to improve the customer experience (video)

This real life example shows how augmenting traditional metrics and research with data from their insight communities allows Toyota GB to create an authentic 360-degree view of existing customers, prospects, dealerships, and staff.

For their approach, Toyota GB is using the TXM platform by Alida. And you might want to consider that the story is part of a promotional campaign by the supporting vendor. But it is still a great and inspiring real-life example of actual business impact by taking voice-of-customer (VoC) serious, how it has been implemented, and how corresponding guidance is being amplified across the company.

The video also gives a kind of flavor of how a dedicated CX team (“Consumer1”) has been positioned with the mission <sic!> “to improve the customer experience and accelerate change with a bedrock of insights and testing”.

Also feel free to read the story on the Alida website.




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